NCAA Basketball Fans Calling Out ‘Zion Cam’ When Duke Star Can’t Get Paid

Overkill on the Zion-monitoring front.

Zion Williamson

Image via Getty/Lance King

Zion Williamson

In what would appear to be a textbook example of media coverage overkill, CBS will be utilizing a designated "Zion Cam," which is tasked with the sole purpose of following 18-year-old phenom Zion Williamson around when Duke plays during the NCAA Tournament.

"We hired a cameraman, a camera, a digital tape machine to record everything he does," CBS producer Marc Wolff said to Raleigh's News & Observer. "We were recording his workout here today in the event something were to happen. We are monitoring Zion 24-7."

In addition to being just a tad excessive and invasive, a number of people pointed out that perhaps it's not that cool that networks and the NCAA get to eat off this (in addition to the entire tournament) while Williamson can't get paid:

And so on...

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