Lingerie Football League Game Breaks Out Into Brawl After Player Celebrates With Beer

No such thing as bad publicity.

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Technically the Lingerie Football League is now called the Legends Football League, but they still play in lingerie know, let's not pretend they classed it up or anything. That being said it's a good outlet for you if you're starved for football in the spring months, and even better if you're starved for football in the spring months and don't have a girlfriend.

This past Friday if you were watching (and their ratings suggest you were not) the Omaha Heart (in red) play the New England Liberty (not in red) you got to see a brawl that'd impress Ron Artest. It started after Omaha's Shalynn Durham celebrated whatever she did (maybe a touchdown? Or winning the game MVP?) with a beer. What came next was an all-out melee that saw players kicking players on the ground, refs standing by doing nothing, and this coach shoving a player before backpedaling away (note the other coach's inadvertent violence as well):

Look out NFL.

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[via Legends Football League]

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