Travis Kelce Says It 'Ripped Our Hearts Out' When Chiefs Cut Kareem Hunt

Kansas City's star tight end Travis Kelce says Hunt's departure dealt a blow to the team's morale.

Running back Kareem Hunt #27 of the Kansas City Chiefs runs into the end zone

Image via Getty/Dustin Bradford

Running back Kareem Hunt #27 of the Kansas City Chiefs runs into the end zone

The Chiefs' star players have been embroiled in several controversies after putting together a record-breaking season. This was highlighted by the team cutting starting running back Kareem Hunt following a physical altercation he had with a woman. Though it seems like the correct ethical move, Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce says Hunt's departure dealt a blow to the team's morale. 

After being released by the Chiefs, Hunt was picked up by the Cleveland Browns in hopes he'd balance out their potentially potent offense. This led to ask the hometown hero and Hunt's former teammate for his thoughts on their new acquisition.

"He’s an unbelievable player. It ripped our hearts out when he got released from Kansas City," Kelce stated. "But to see him get another chance, I would hope and I would think he’s going to make the absolute most of it."

The situation surrounding Hunt's release has become hazier as more of the story is revealed. In December a video surfaced showing Hunt arguing with a woman in a Cleveland hotel. After the woman struck him, Hunt shoved her to the ground and kicked her. When the police arrived, authorities did not arrest either party as they were unable to prove who committed the initial crime. According to Hunt's camp, the player's reaction came as the result of her hitting him and calling him racial slurs. They also claim she struck another woman after being asked to leave several times.

Prior to the footage going public, both the Chief and the NFL were made aware of the incident. Yet there are claims that the organization did not know the full extent of the altercation until the clip hit headlines. This led team executives to release Hunt and the NFL to suspend him for half of next season. Despite this, the valuable ball-carrier was picked up by the Cleveland Browns just two months after being cut. While some would argue Kelce's comments continue the NFL's complacency on the situation, Kelce states his opinion on Hunt derives from his locker room behavior. 

"The biggest thing was as much as you try to stay away from the actual situation that happened, Kareem has been nothing but a good friend and a good teammate" Kelce explained. "He’s been in the community trying to make a difference in other people’s lives. That’s what’s real. Everyone has things that go wrong in their lives. It’s how you come out of those situations that determine your true character. I think I’ll just leave it as that. What we said is true. Kareem, I hope he makes the best of his situation."

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