Shaq Jokingly Implies That Aaron Gordon Was High During TNT Interview

"You know what I got to do tomorrow?" Shaq said to his co-hosts. "Gotta cut my weeds and my grass." 

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Aaron Gordon is known for his gravity-defying dunks, but it appears like Gordon was using his night off to get lifted in other ways.

On Tuesday, Gordon appeared on TNT's NBA Pre-Game Show to talk about his participation in the 2020 NBA Dunk Contest. Yet, it became clear from the interview that Gordon's mind was elsewhere. As a result, the big jokester, Shaquille O'Neal, decided to toy around with Gordon by hinting at his possible state of mind. 

"You know what I like about that dunk contest?" Shaq said in reference to Gordon's 2016 contest against Zach LaVine. "Him and Zach, they were getting so high. When they was up there dunking they was so high. I was like: 'Damn, these boys are high. Man these boys getting high as hell.' Right D. Wade? Cloud nine." 

Shaq's co-host didn't jump in to save Gordon from the potential confusion. In fact, they joined in on the jokes. Dwyane Wade chimed in, saying: "In the clouds, baby" when Shaq tried to toss the joke to him while Candace Parker quietly laughed through the ordeal. The jokes seemed to go over Gordon's head as he didn't respond to any of the puns. 

Shaq didn't stop there. While they were sending the show to a commercial break, The Diesel decided to fire off one more joke.

"You know what I got to do tomorrow?" Shaq said to his co-hosts. "Gotta cut my weeds and my grass." 

Aaron Gordon will participate in this year's dunk contest alongside former dunk contest champion, Dwight Howard, the Heat's Derrick Jones, Jr., and Milwaukee's Pat Connaughton. The competition will air on Feb. 15 after the 3-point contest on TNT. 

The 2020 Slam Dunk participants at NBA All-Star Weekend:

- Bucks' Pat Connaughton
- Magic's Aaron Gordon
- Lakers' Dwight Howard
- Heat's Derrick Jones Jr.

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