Kevin Durant Claps Back at Richard Jefferson: 'Everybody From the Streets Now'

Durant didn't take kindly to player-turned-commentator Richard Jefferson stirring up old Cavs-Warriors tensions.

Kevin Durant #35 of the Golden State Warriors looks on

Image via Getty/Noah Graham/NBAE

Kevin Durant #35 of the Golden State Warriors looks on

Kevin Durant's decision to join an already dominant Warriors team has been one of his greatest sources of criticism since he signed in 2016. There are a few players and commentators that have not let go of their hurt. NBA Champion-turned-analysis Richard Jefferson is one of them

Midway through San Antonio's blowout victory over Cleveland, former Cavalier Richard Jefferson decided to use Harrison Barnes split with the 2016 Warriors to throw a sub at KD.

"Where I come from in the park and the street when you lose to someone the first words that come are 'run it back,'" Jefferson said in regards to Barnes and the Warriors' loss to the Cavs in the 2016 finals. "They didn't do that. They were like 'We need to reload. We're going to get our big brother.'"

Kevin Durant heard that jab and got back at Jefferson on the House of Highlights Instagram comments. From his verified account, Durant questioned the credibly of the polished Jefferson by commenting, "Everybody from the streets now."

Kevin Durant comments on House of Highlights' Instagram page

Jefferson, who was part of the Cavaliers squad who upset the Warriors in the 2016 Finals, responded to Durant's slight with a paragraph. After breaking down why the media talks about Durant being on the Warriors (the ratings), Jefferson defended his street pedigree.

"My single mom left L.A. trying to make sure one of her 3 boys didn't get shot up killed on the same corner my dad did," Jefferson wrote. "I think we can both relate to single moms with that struggle."


Outside of Instagram comments, the Warriors has two more games left in the regular season before heading to the playoffs to defend their championship for potentially the last time with Durant on their side.

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