Tate McRae's Ex Cole Sillinger Responds To NHL All-Star Game Cheating Meme: 'All False My Guy'

Tate McRae's NHL All-Star Game appearance had the internet commenting on how she got there before her hockey playing ex Cole Sillinger.

Dave Sandford / NHLI via Getty Images

Tate McRae's hockey playing ex Cole Sillinger cleared the air after a meme went around during NHL All-Star Weekend that he cheated on the Canadian pop star.

The Calgary artist performed and acted as one of the celebrity captains at ASG weekend in Toronto, leading Instagram account Blind Ref Logic to observe that McRae managed to make an All-Star Game before the Columbus Blue Jackets forward could, but also that he blew it with the "Greedy" singer.

"Step 1: Be Cole Sillinger. Step 2: Date out of your league (literally). Step 3: Cheat on her, jumpstarting her career. Step 4: She gets invited to the NHL All-Star Game before you," the account said, adding the caption: "Potentially the greatest fumble of a female in human history."

Sillinger responded directly in the comments. "All false my guy," he said in a comment that has so far received over 2,300 likes.

Fans got into it with him and each other as well.

"Yall are defending HIM?" Said one commenter.

"Wow a player didn't make an all star game after three seasons in the league, this is such an own. And being a performer in the game doesn't mean anything, you are acting like she is playing in the game. No one cares about the singing part of it and most people will probably change the channel. She will never date you so stop worshipping her and hating on young nhl tallent (sic)," responded another.

"i know hes playing marvins room in his bedroom rn wondering what went wrong (a non-NHL player was invited into all star before he was lmao)," added another, perhaps referencing the recent meme where someone was bumping "Marvins Room" at window shaking levels.

According to the Toronto Sun, the pair started dating in 2021 and broke up in 2023. They also report McRae is possibly dating The Kid Laroi. They were both spotted at All-Star Weekend together.

This story doesn't look to be slowing down, either. The next single off McRae's album Think Later? It's called "Exes," of course.

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