Carlos Boozer Finally Explains What Happened the Time He Did That Really Weird Thing to His “Hair”

At least he has a good sense of humor about it.

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Back in 2012, Carlos Boozer decided that he was going to try and reverse his receding hairline by using a product that would make it look like he had hair again. The result was—sigh—this:

Boozer got clowned for it by, well, everyone, and to this day, no one is quite sure what he was thinking. So when he appeared on ESPN’s Highly Questionable this afternoon, he was asked about it and, to his credit, he now has a really good sense of humor about it.

According to him, he tried everything—including shampooing his head seven times—to get the “dye” that he put on it out. But it didn’t work and, eventually, he was forced to play a nationally-televised game with it still on his head. He says people still ask him about it today.

Watch the video above to see Boozer joke about his bad hair day (as a bonus, he also talks about the time he almost had to fight Prince). It’s a good thing he’s able to laugh about it now, because people are going to continue asking him about it for years to come.

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