Longtime LeBron James hater Skip Bayless has recently began to spew his unwarranted criticism at one of the NBA’s newest generational superstars, Luka Doncic

On Tuesday, the co-host of Fox Sports 1’s Undisputed blasted the Dallas Mavericks All-Star for his habit of whining to the refs, saying Luka won’t take his game to the next level until he stops “bitching” about foul calls.

“He’s going to get to the free throw line a lot,” Skip said about Luka. “But that’s only if he stops bitching about every call he doesn’t get.”

It’s far from the first time Skip has called out Luka, who at just 24 years old has already made three straight All-NBA First Teams.

Earlier this season, after Doncic became the first player in NBA history to finish a game with 60 points, 21 rebounds, and 10 assists, Bayless made a point to downplay the historic performance. Asked to grade Luka’s performance on a scale of 1-to-10 in December, Skip said, “I’ll go to an eight on the impressive scale. We have to take into account the opposition, which was an embarrassment. The Knicks were overmatched against Luka.”

Skip added, “Four of the five best players weren’t even playing for the Knicks. The Knicks played all of OT with the same five guys. They were overpowered and overmatched, it’s shameful.”