Dennis Rodman and Girlfriend Now Living Happily Together in Tattoo Form on Rodman’s Butt

The former Chicago Bulls star just got a tattoo of his girlfriend on his face last month.

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Dennis Rodman has gotten yet another tattoo of his girlfriend's face, but this one is on his butt.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube account, Rodman showed off the process of the tattoo, which serves as another tribute to Yella Yella. Unlike the first piece, which Rodman got inked on his face, this time around he opted for a different type of cheek. Not only did he feature Yella Yella on his behind, but he also opted to get a tattoo of his own face next to her. It's unclear what she thought of the finished art, explaining in the video that she wasn't aware of what he was getting.

Last month, Rodman made headlines when he got work done by Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Van Johnson, who shared the face tattoo via Instagram.

"So I ain’t do too much today, cooled out at my townhome tattooed a living legends face of his woman on his face, that’s about it... What y’all do?” Johnson wrote alongside a video of the piece.

Yella Yella said that she was initially against the idea and told Dennis not to do it. However, she was ultimately appreciative of the gesture.

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The NBA Hall of Famer might be remembered more for his off-court antics, but he's one of the most famous basketball players of the '90s for good reason. The 62-year-old helped the Bad Boy Pistons take home two championships in 1989 and 1990, and was part of the Bulls' legendary three-peat from 1996 to 1998 alongside Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

Last year it was reported that Dennis Rodman's notorious Vegas trip, during the middle of the Bulls' 1998 NBA Finals run, is set to be turned into a movie starring Jonathan Majors. There haven't been any updates on the project since the actor was accused of domestic violence. The Creed III and MCU star attended court alongside Meagan Good in connection with his alleged violence earlier this month.

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