50 Cent Jumps at the Chance to Mock Conor McGregor's Bus Incident

50 Cent clearly has time to get petty today.

50 Cent

Image via Getty/Tibrina Hobson

50 Cent

With the news of Conor McGregor angrily attacking a bus full of rival UFC fighters making the rounds, it was only a matter of time before 50 Cent got involved. The two have been taking shots at each other for a while now, and after McGregor went on a rampage at a pre-fight press event after being stripped of his featherweight title, 50 Cent is back on his trolling game.

Never missing the chance to get petty, 50 jumped on Instagram three times to clown McGregor over the incident. First posting a video that's been circulating, he captioned the post with, "this fool, now they got a warrant out on him. LOL." Now that McGregor has turned himself into the NYPD, 50 is went the extra mile with a second post.

Of course, he couldn't just leave things there. After comparing McGregor's outburst to Britney Spears' infamous breakdown in 2007, in which she shaved her head and started using an umbrella as a weapon, he posted footage of McGregor in handcuffs.

McGregor recently took some shots at 50, suggesting he needed a bra and calling him a "jabbed up fool." It's clear 50 isn't letting this go.

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