WWE Champion Roman Reigns Says Jake, Logan Paul Have 'Put in the Work'

The WWE universal champion caught up with TMZ to talk all things WWE and WrestleMania, and the conversation shifted to the internet-backed brothers.

Roman Reigns is toasting Jake and Logan Paul. 

The WWE universal champion caught up with TMZ Live to talk all things WWE and WrestleMania, and the conversation quickly shifted to the two internet-backed brothers. As Roman shared, performers have to be “multi-layered,” and those two meet the requirements. 

“In performing arts, you have to have multiple lanes of a skill set, so these guys they started out as YouTubers,” Roman said. “I don’t think I’ve talked to Logan Paul even though he’s been around WWE for a few weeks here and there. I’ve definitely never met his brother Jake. These guys, from everything that I’ve ever seen or heard, they put in the work. They live a full-time boxing schedule, they train, they eat, they do everything a professional boxer would do to prepare for a fight, so I think it would be crazy to say that they aren’t boxers.”

Roman also pointed to Jake and Logan’s social media following as another reason to applaud them, adding that “you gotta have people tuned in to what you’re doing, and they’ve done that.” 

Earlier in the conversation, the performer was asked about his chances of duking it out against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at WrestleMania next year, and while he commended him on all he’s accomplished, Roman isn’t too worried. 

“I don’t care who you are and what you’ve been doing on a movie set, and what kind of fight scenes you’ve been putting together on the big screen,” he said. “When it comes to a WWE ring, when it comes to the universal championships, and the WWE championships for that matter, once I put them together and create the greatest championship to ever be a part of sports entertainment and professional wrestling, I think I’m the safe bet to put your money on, boys, so go ahead.”

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