Mike Tyson Says He Would Fight Jake Paul for $1 Billion

Based on his asking price, Mike Tyson realizes that a fight between him and Jake Paul would go down as one of the most hyped boxing matches ever.

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Mike Tyson said he’s down to get into the ring with YouTuber Jake Paul, but only if the price is right. 

On a new episode of his Hotboxin’ podcast with Paul Pierce, Tyson chopped it up with WBC Middleweight Champion Jermall Charlo, and the conversation quickly turned to Internet personality-turned-boxer Paul—who really just has his sights set on Dana White at the moment

During the show, Pierce pointed out that “Mike’s supposed to fight Jake Paul,” prompting Tyson to claim he was unaware of that arrangement.

“Nobody ain’t tell me that,” he said. “I ain’t sign no… Hey, I don’t got no f*cking money. Where the f*cking contract?”

After getting some jokes off, Tyson said that he’d been “smoking with [Paul] forever,” and even said that he did some shrooms with him. Still, Tyson said that he’d “never heard it from anybody” that people expected a fight out of the unlikely pair. 

“Blue eyes, blonde hair, that shit is very expensive, man,” Tyson said before turning down Charlo’s $49 million recommended purse. As TMZ points out, Tyson countered with a “billion bucks.”

A price tag like that would mark the most expensive fight in history, with 2015’s Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao bout still holding the record as the highest-grossing fight ever. 

In January, it was reported that Tyson agreed to fight Paul, but nothing ever materialized

While Tyson is one of the greatest fighters ever, Paul is no slouch, having gone 5-0 with four knockouts to start his pro career.

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