Questlove Mocked Michael Strahan for Picking Against Eagles With Hilarious Drawing

The Eagles take on Super Bowl LI champions the New England Patriots this Sunday.

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Michael Strahan joined Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night to offer up his prediction for who will be taking home the championship at Sunday’s Super Bowl LII. But before the former Giants defensive end made his pick, he shared a story about an interaction between him and the Roots’ Questlove at the game between the Vikings and Eagles last week.

As Strahan explains, the Roots were performing at halftime while he was there covering the show as an analyst for Fox NFL Sunday. “Before the show I go to rehearse, and I sit in my seat and these fools left me a note,” Strahan says in the clip above. “Well that’s nice!” Fallon responds, but apparently the note did not contain a friendly message. Instead it was more of a playful jab at Strahan for choosing the Vikings over the Eagles as the predicted winner. 

“No it wasn’t nice!” Strahan explains. “It was a picture of like a bird or man stepping on another person, and it said ‘Go Eagles,’ and it pointed to the person being stepped on and it said ‘Michael.’” Strahan claims it was Questlove who drew this artistic masterpiece, but when Fallon asks Quest if he did it, the musician mumbles a bit and shrugs his shoulders.


It’s clear who the Philly-originated Roots are rooting for this Sunday. The Eagles have been the underdogs all season, pushing their way into their third Super Bowl appearance. The team will be facing off Super Bowl LI champions the New England Patriots.

When asked who Strahan thought would win, he hesitated. The Patriots and Eagles are both rivals of his former team. “I’m gonna go with the Eagles, and the reason being, because every pick I ever made at Fox NFL Sunday I always lost,” he explains. “Go Eagles!”

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