Kyrie Irving Is Inspiring Middle School Students to Believe the Earth Is Flat

Middle school teacher Nick Gurol told NPR that despite his efforts, his students believe that the earth is flat because of Irving.

Put on your tin foil hats and brace yourself. Did you know that the earth is flat? That we've been lied to over and over again, becoming victims of a massive conspiracy orchestrated by those at the highest echelons of government to keep the masses ignorant of this mind boggling and potentially liberating fact? Just kidding: the world is absolutely not flat. You can take off the tin foil hat now. 

Noted flat earth truther and tin foil hat wearer—and future former Cleveland Cavaliers player—Kyrie Irving is unfortunately helping to spread the conspiracy among our nation's children. While speaking to NPR, middle school teacher Nick Gurol said that his students, thanks to Irving, staunchly believe that the world is flat.

Gurol remarked, "And immediately I start to panic. How have I failed these kids so badly they think the Earth is flat just because a basketball player says it?" The educator said that he has tried to get the students to understand that the world is indeed round, to no avail. The influence of Irving was just too strong. 

Irving's flat earth world view became known earlier this year, while the basketball player spoke to Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye on a podcast. 

"The earth is flat," Irving stated with conviction. "This is not even a conspiracy theory," he said, though it is definitely a conspiracy theory. He offered "they" as the answer as to who was behind the supposed large-scale misinformation campaign. "I’m telling you, it’s right in front of our faces. They lie to us," Irving said.

The basketball player, who is not an astronomer, continued. "What I’ve been taught is that the earth is round. But if you really think about it from a landscape of the way we travel, the way we move and the fact that, can you really think of us rotating around the sun and all planets aligned, rotating in specific dates, being perpendicular with what’s going on with these planets." 

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