If there's one thing we've learned from Barack Obama's political career, it's that he's going to ball out. 

During a campaign stop for his former vice president turned presidential candidate, Joe Biden, someone put Obama's jump shot on the spot by passing him the ball while he was at a gym. Instead of turning down the shot like Carmelo Anthony did during Dwyane Wade's last game, Obeezy gave the people what they wanted.

The 59-year-old lined up a three and that was butter. After cashing out, he decided to remind the spectators that he's built for this. 

"That's what I do," he yelled as he walked out of the gym.

This video made its round through the internet before sliding across LeBron James' desk. This prompted the GOAT to show love to Obama for shooting a wet shot with ease.

"Now you just showing out now my friend," LeBron tweeted. "That’s what you do huh?? Ok ok I see. All cash!"