Sports fans can be overly harsh at times. Unfortunately for Danny Green, he and his family had to experience the ugly underbelly of NBA fandom following the Lakers' game 5 loss. 

As the clock started to tick away at the end of the fourth, LeBron James drove the ball into the paint bringing a crowd of Heat players with him. Instead of forcing the lay-up, James passed the ball out to Danny Green who missed the wide-open, go-ahead three. This (along with the struggles he's been having since the restart) didn't sit well with the Lakers fan base and they decided to take it out on Green. On Sunday, ESPN's Dave McMenamin reported that both Danny Green and his fiancée have been receiving death threats for his hand in the loss.

"Danny Green said that has spoken to his fiancée about the death threats she has received on social media directed at her and him since Game 5," McMenamin reported before urging fans to "get a grip."

Green has accepted his fault in botching the victory. He told McMenamin that he rushed the shot slightly because he was unaware how much time was on the clock. 

"It was a good look," he explained. "I’d do anything to get that shot again, trust me. ... Any person that plays basketball knows it's never only on one play."

As far as the death threats are concerned, Green wants people to know that there are bigger things to target that type of energy toward than a basketball game.

"I hope they are that passionate about voting or getting justice for these people who deserve justice or get some better change along in the country," Green said.  

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