All is not well in Dallas. Fans of the Cowboys have watched the team sputter to a 1-5 start, lose their star quarterback to a nasty ankle injury, and get absolutely humiliated on Monday Night Football by the Arizona Cardinals. America’s Team needs a uniquely American way to vent their frustrations, and one fan seems to have found it.

At the close of the game, said fan chugged his beer, hurled it at the television, punched the screen several times, pulled a handgun and shot the damaged TV.

Twitter tapped into their deep reserves of small-batch sports hatred after the Cowboys loss. There’s a special brand of schadenfreude put aside for any time the Lakers, Yankees, or Cowboys are miserable, with the latter sliding in there without the legacy of being a winner. And there was plenty of glee to be had at their expense after the Cowboys stumbled their way through a 38-10 loss that wasn’t ever as close as even that lopsided score shows.

The Cowboys may be able to pull themselves out of the funk this week. They face the similarly miserable Washington Football Team on Sunday.

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