On Sunday, what we first assumed was a Clippers fan apparently unhappy with Paul George's Game 4 performance drafted up a petition calling for the six-time All-Star to be sent to play overseas. We say "first assumed" since a Twitter account that A.) Put out the petition, and B.) Has pretty much an identical name to the person establishing the petition, has the hashtag #lakernation in their bio. We'll factor in that that may be ironic. It probably doesn't matter but let it be noted that we're aware there are some supportive Clippers fans out there, such as Frankie Muniz and others of lesser importance:

Anyway, the description of said petition may indicate the level of effort that went into it (your call). Verbatim it said:

society has passed the need for paul george to play in the nba

So far, the petition has 1,502 signatures. That may sound low but the goal was 1,000, so let it be a lesson in how you should set your standards. Oh, and also there's absolutely no way to find out how many signatories are Clippers fans. 

Littered throughout the comments/reasons for signing are utterings of a pair of unflattering nicknames that have been heaped upon George, and by that we're referencing "Playoff P" or the slightly more topical "Pandemic P." 

You may have noticed that nickname trending earlier in the day. That's because, well, once again he had a rough postseason outing. Sporting News rounds things up by pointing out that he entered Sunday's contest shooting 23 percent from 3, and 29.3 percent overall during this series. Both figures were lowered after Game 4 due to a performance in which he went 3-for-14 from the field, 1-for-7 from 3, and finished with nine points in a game that went into overtime. 

At least he has a few more chances to change the narrative.