Gilbert Arenas thinks NBA players are complaining too much about having to stay in the Disney bubble for the entirety of the league's restart.

While speaking to TMZ recently, the former All-Star implied that not having access to their usual lifestyle—read into that however you'd like—might be taking its toll on the players.

"You're talking about grown men, 85% of them single and you have them locked up at Disney World?!" Arenas told the outlet.

He also said that players who are complaining are acting like "prima donnas" right now because of what's been taken away from them.

While he didn't single anyone out, Arenas may be in part referring to the early rumblings about crappy bubble food that emerged online when the restart first got underway. But let's face it—he's probably talking about sex, too.

During the brief run-in, Arenas also gave his opinion on the situation surrounding Lou Williams and his excursion to Magic City while outside of the bubble. "I would never eat at a strip club," he said. "I don't go to the strip club to eat wings. I can go to Wing Stop for some wings. I go to the strip club to see strippers."

After quarantining for 10 days following his return to the bubble, Williams told the media on Tuesday that, in hindsight, he wished he had made a different decision.

"Well, in hindsight, I think as far as the public safety issue goes, I probably could have made a better-quality decision. I was a little naive in that aspect," he said. "... After looking back on it, with everything going on in the world, the pandemic, maybe it wasn't the best-quality decision. I chalk it up at that, take my L and keep moving."

Williams had 7 points, 6 assists, and 6 rebounds in his return, as the Clippers lost to the Phoenix Sun on Tuesday.