Patrick Beverley and Paul George exchanged some raucous laughter over Damian Lillard missing a couple of free throws during Saturday’s game.

Lillard later discussed their reaction during a game press conference, taking the moment in stride. “I did what my team needed, which was a failure for me that I can accept,” he said. “But asking me about Patrick Beverley who I sent him home before at the end of a game—[and] Paul George just got sent home by me last year in the playoffs.”

He continued, “So they know—the reason they’re reacting like that is because what they expect of me, which is a sign of respect and it just shows what I’ve done at a high clip, more times than not. So I’m not offended by it. If anything, they should just tell you how much it hurt them to go through what I put them through in those situations, previously.”

Following Lillard's comments, the three ball players began verbally sparring on an Instagram post by Bleacher Report that sums up what Lillard said. 

“And you getting sent home this year,” George commented, adding, “Respect.”

Lillard then replied, “Keep switching teams … running from the grind. You boys is chumps.”

Beverley then swooped in, writing, “Cancun on 3”—and George came back again, writing, “Respect that too in my stint with my first team I had more success ... Dame time running out g.”

Beverley also tweeted, “Glory to GOD.”

The Los Angeles Clippers and Portland Trail Blazers faced off on Saturday, with the Clippers ultimately winning by a small margin of five points. 

Fans had a lot to say about Lillard's original response to George and Beverley—with some offering unfavorable commentary and some, defending Lillard.

Bradley Beal also stepped in to keep the peace, checking in on both Dame and Paul George, assumingly to make sure their exchange of words didn't escalate further: