Rudy Gobert has caught a lot of heat for being the NBA's patient zero, and it looks like he's fed up.

On Monday, a video surfaced of Gobert firing back at a troll who blamed him for bringing the coronavirus to the NBA in his Twitch comments.

"Hey, gabo, gato, gator," Gobert said to the user whose tag is "gbgator." "Go to school pussy."

Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus in early March. Prior to his diagnosis, it was reported that Gobert was "careless in the locker room." It's also been reported that his behavior has strained his relationship with fellow Jazz star, Donovan Mitchell, who also contracted the virus. 

Gobert has since issued a public apology for his antics, and is working on repairing his relationship with Mitchell after insiders described their relationship as "unsalvageable."

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