As a result of the Kansas City Chiefs beating the 49ers in the Super Bowl, KC defensive tackle Derrick Nnadi ponied up adoption fees for 91 dogs (see: all of them) at a local animal shelter.

Those fees typically run at about $150, and Nnadi's act of generosity will cover each of the canines at KC Pet Project up until the time that they are adopted. So, if you happen to live in that area, you can get yourself a free pup courtesy of the lineman.

"All my life I always wanted a dog," Nnadi explained to CNN. "Growing up I didn't have a pet, my parents didn't really allow pets." 

Regardless, he adopted his first dog (Rocky) heading into his final year at Florida State. He said that Rocky's demeanor inspired him to aid other dogs in a similar spot.

"When I first got him, he was very timid," said Nnadi. "It made me think of how other animals, whether they're owner or in a shelter, are feeling scared and alone." 

That led him to partnering with KC Pet Project, a non-profit in (where else?) Kansas City, via the Derrick Nnadi Foundation. This partnership led the second-year vet to post a dog's adoption fee for every Chiefs win during the 2019 season. Including the playoffs, that total came out to 15. 

As the Chiefs advanced to the Super Bowl, Nnadi leveled-up his charitable efforts by stating that he'd pay the adoption fee of every dog at the shelter if KC won that game. 

*Spoiler alert* That's what happened. And therefore one positive thing (...for the Chiefs and their fans) led to another. 

"Thanks to his incredible support, more than 100 available dogs in our care will have their adoption fees sponsored starting today," said KC Pet Project's communications officer, Tori Fugate. 

ESPN when on to report that the actual number was 91 but, you know, you get what was meant.