Colin Kaepernick announced Thursday that he will release a new memoir through his own publishing company. Additionally, he's inked a multi-project deal with Audible to develop original audio projects aimed at giving a platform to other authors, creators, and influential figures.

"My protest was the culmination of years of thought and experiences, of learning and unlearning,” Kaepernick said in a press release Thursday. "I want to tell the story of my evolution, and the events that led me to protest systemic oppression, in hopes that it will inspire others to rise in action. I am excited that through this groundbreaking partnership between Kaepernick Publishing and Audible, we can elevate Black and Brown voices who can empower future generations." 

The memoir is described as "part political awakening and part memoir" and will see the NFL star and activist detailing his journey toward inspiring a nation with his silence protest act.

The audio version of Kaepernick’s memoir will be released exclusively through Audible. In a statement, Audible's SVP of Content Acquisition and Development Rachel Ghiazza said the deal marks the latest example of the company’s goal of connecting listeners with a "wide spectrum" of crucial voices and stories. 

"In this recording, Colin Kaepernick takes listeners through the pivotal moments and experiences that inspired a national debate and cultural movement," Ghiazza said. "We are thrilled to embark on this groundbreaking creative venture with Kaepernick Publishing in which together we can elevate stories and perspectives that need to be heard."

The physical edition of the book will be released in print and e-book form through a partnership between Kaepernick Publishing and Melcher Media, with distribution handled by Two Rivers.

In an accompanying interview with USA Today published on the day of the announcement, Kaepernick elaborated further on his goals for the memoir.

"I've had a lot of questions surrounding what got me to the point of protesting," he said. "Why did I do it? Why did I do it at that moment? Why wasn’t it earlier in my career? A lot of questions surrounding what led me to that point. Which led me to wanting to share that story and give insight. "

He also admitted to still wanting to play football. “My desire to play football is still there,” Kaepernick said in the interview. “I still train five days a week. I’m ready to go, I’m ready for a phone call, tryout, workout at any point in time. I’m still waiting on the owners and their partners to stop running from this situation. So I hope I get a call this offseason. I’ll be looking forward to it.”

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