Many of the pregame festivities that took place prior to the NBA All-Star Game earned rave (or at the least very positive) reviews, including Jennifer Hudson's Kobe tribute, and Dr. Dre's own Kobe tribute. Unfortunately (hey, we all have bad days), Chaka Khan's rendition of the national anthem didn't inspire the same fanfare. If you missed it, or went to the bathroom, or streamed Disney Plus or any other number of things you could've been doing instead of watching a national anthem on TV, check it out below:

The uneven performance drew comparisons to Fergie's execution of the same tune from the same weekend two years ago. Execution being the key word there. As such, several memes of clowns, garbage cans, and bleeding ears were yanked from the folders in which they sit until a celebrity screws up.

Here's a sampling of the reaction. But rest assured, this is about 15-20 examples from a pool of thousands making almost the exact same observation:

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