As New Orleans' patron saint of football, a lot of people have put their trust in Drew Brees. Now, they are regretting investing so much faith in the quarterback as he might be a fan of the most polarizing political figure in American history. 

The Saints QB returned to the Superdome on Monday night to watch the LSU Tigers and Joe Burrow take on Clemson for the national championship. Attention was drawn away from the on-field contest when it was revealed that the Brees family was enjoying the game in a box with President Trump.

In fact, the family even posed for pictures with Donald and Melania Trump. 

In Brees' defense, he wasn't the only person happy to see Trump. The president has been booed while making public appearances on numerous occasions, yet when his presence was announced on Monday, the fans in the Superdome showered him with cheers. 

Still, Brees is held to a higher standard. His fraternizing with the President after a disappointing playoff performance was too much for fans to handle. 

People were also quick to note Vince Vaughn was seen shaking hands with Trump.