While one GOAT refuses to recognize Steph Curry's all-time greatness, Allen Iverson has no such issues. 

Iverson visited ComplexCon Long Beach 2019 earlier this month, where he sat down for an interview with the Load Management podcast's Chopz and Adam Caparell. During the conversation, Iverson explained why he thinks Curry is one of the best players in NBA history. 

"I love Steph so much. That's why I made him my point guard. I think he changed the game sort of like I did. Greatest shooter that will ever play the game—that's what I think," Iverson said around the episode's 22:55-minute mark. "The greatest basketball player I've seen with a jumper and handles like that. I'm just a big Steph Curry fan."

Allen Iverson has been consistent with his love for Curry. A.I. was at the 2019 All-Star game in Charlotte, North Carolina, to witness Steph Curry's homecoming. While embracing Curry, Iverson told him that he's in his top 5. In 2018, Iverson chose Curry as the point guard in his all-time "Starting Five," alongside Shaquille O'Neal. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James.

The respect is mutual. In 2017, Curry explained to reporters that his admiration for The Answer led him to wear a shooting sleeve. 

"Lowkey I've always wanted to be like Allen Iverson," Curry said when asked about the sleeve. "That's the only way I could come close."

Although Steph Curry has had a historic career, Michael Jordan made headlines recently, when he claimed that the point guard wasn't a Hall of Famer. Iverson said he didn't place too much weight on Jordan's assessment.

"I like how they covered it up saying like he didn't want to be tampering or whatever," Iverson told Load Management. "But he knows he's going to eventually be a Hall of Famer... He ain't crazy. Everyone knows Steph is a Hall of Famer already."