Of course Damian Lillard isn't the only NBA player with some legit rapping skills. Iman Shumpert popped out at a BET Hip Hop Awards cypher and the internet took notice. 

All that time in Kanye West's orbit has clearly paid off, as Shumpert held his own alongside King Los and IDK. His verse had flow switch-ups, internal rhymes, and the punchlines ("Ya'll shower cappin', I'm drippin', I got that S-Curl juice/That's just to set 'em up, you better tell 'em duck, before we go goose"). Shumpert—satisfied with killing the "Going Bad" beat—busts a little dance right after his performance.

Twitter users have a deep well of shocked gifs, and they are getting a ton of use from the cypher's audience. 

It may be an overreaction to say that Shumpert won the cypher over Kash Doll's strong verse and King Los' interstellar metaphors. Still, Shumpert might even be able to outrap some of the award nominees. Watch the performance above.