Anthony Davis' trade to the Los Angeles Lakers kicked off this wild offseason of superstars scattering all over the country. Given the fact that it was one of the most anticipated moves of the offseason, with just about every team that could afford him showing interest, you think it would be something that all parties know about well in advance. However, Anthony Davis learned about his trade at the same place everyone else learns about polyester drop-shipped clothing: Instagram

Davis revealed that he found out about his trade via the buzz on IG in a recent press conference. It wasn't for lack of trying to notify him, though. AD said that he was in a hotel room watching a movie, so he sent his agent to voicemail. 

"In the middle of a movie, I don't really like to answer phones and text," he said. "He called me again...and then I was like wait, let me call him back."

When AD called, he got his agent's voicemail, but he had a novel solution to find out the news. 

"Me being a 26-year-old, I went straight to Instagram and started looking, that's when I saw it," he said.

If Davis checked social media earlier this month, he likely would have been let down. While AD and LeBron made a play for Kawhi Leonard, ultimately Rich Paul couldn't work his magic on the current champion. Leonard opted to start his own contender in the Clippers.