During the Toronto Raptors' road to the NBA Finals, Drake received a lot of criticism for his behavior on the sidelines. The 6 God frequently drew attention for his animated response to everything happening during the games, but Raptors player Danny Green says he has no problems with the way Drizzy showed his enthusiasm for the team he loves so much.

When the subject of Drake possibly facing a ban for how he's been acting was brought up, Green commented at 5:24 in Breakfast Club interview above, "I'm not shocked by it, but I didn't know that."

Charlamagne tha God added, "He does too much, let's be honest," to which Green responded, "I wouldn't say that. He has a good time, and I'm glad that we won and it turned out well for us and him as well."

While some fans have criticized Drake for acting like he's part of the team, Green brushed off those comments. "He has fun with it man, and I'm sure he wishes he could play. But he's good at what he does and he respects what we do and he enjoys watching us do what we do," he said. As for his thoughts on the recently released two-pack "Omertá" and "Money in the Grave," Green said he thought the tracks "were amazing." While he did add that people were probably hoping for a bigger moment from Drizzy, he does think that more music about the Raptors and how they won the Finals is "coming soon." 

In other Danny Green news, the shooting guard has indicated that he's willing to resign to the Raptors with free agency. "I don't know what's going to happen," he told the Breakfast Club hosts. "I would like to be back in Toronto and hopefully get everybody to run it back again. When you have a group like that, it's special." When asked if he'd like to "come home to the Knicks," Green simply laughed in response. "I like Toronto, it's nice."