Additional details about Kellen Winslow Jr.'s sexual misconduct have come to light.

Days after Winslow was convicted of raping a 58-year-old woman, Sports Illustrated published a disturbing report about the athlete's alleged inappropriate behavior in the NFL. Sources recalled a number of instances in which the tight end would brag about his infidelity, watch hardcore porn during meetings, and even masturbate in front of his teammates and league staff.

Per SI:

When pornography became widely available on mobile phones, he often watched it on his smartphone during meetings, the two former teammates said (nowadays, such sites would typically be blocked by the building WiFi). Teammates begged out of shared hotel room assignments with Winslow because he watched pornography and masturbated openly, with no regard for who was in the room, a teammate and an official said.

Insiders, which included his former teammates and league officials, also recalled several instances where Winslow was caught masturbating in public: Once in a guest parking lot in the backseat of his Hummer, and another in the locker room "two seats away from the entrance." An assistant coach also claimed Winslow would take a silicone mold of a vagina and anus on team road trips. 

"He was infantile, just very transparent," a NFL official said. "With Kellen, everybody knew what he was about: video games and fucking."

"He showed the signs of being a perv, but clearly it has escalated," a former coach told SI. "This is another level."

You can read the full report here.

In addition to the rape charge, Winslow was convicted Monday of indecent exposure and lewd conduct involving two other victims; however, a California jury could not come to a conclusion on the eight other charges against him, including two counts of rape. A judge ultimately declared a mistrial on the remaining charges. San Diego County prosecutor Dan Owens told CNN a new trial date will likely be set this Friday.

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