For the second time in four days, and probably if we went back far enough like the 13th time in 68 days, 50 Cent is using his Instagram account to call out those he feels are hindering his bottom line.

Last week's back-and-forth tiff with Bow Wow seemed relatively cut and dry (and is officially old news), and now he appears to have something that's a bit more of a gray area going on with Adrien Broner. So, in addition to this being informative (though we both know this ain't going to make it into Jeopardy! anytime soon), let it also serve as a reason to go follow Fofty on IG if you aren't already.

It started, not so innocently enough, on Monday afternoon when Broner publicized the fact that 50's blocking him. He paired it with a message that said he needs to borrow a million bucks, but we're going to assume that's a joke. Hopefully:

In response, 50 confirmed that he did so because Broner lost him money on a fight. He also said eff you, and went into the comment section to jokingly continue with the theme of getting him his dough by Monday:

Shortly afterward, Broner returned with a couple middle finger emojis and an invitation to fight. Without further development(s) it'll be tough to tell how serious this is:

This latest bit of trolling would all appear to be tied to the time that Manny Pacquiao beat Broner by unanimous decision back in January. Note that 50 is not the first rapper to take issue with the outcome of that particular bout:

Well, a million bucks is kind of a lot to ask for anyway.

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