Missouri authorities have publicly identified the man who is suspected of shining a laser on Tom Brady's face back in January.

The incident went down at Arrowhead Stadium during the Patriots' AFC championship game win over the Kansas City Chiefs. It was in the fourth quarter when spectators noticed a green light was hitting the New England QB, prompting an investigation by the NFL and Kansas City law enforcement.

Weeks following the title game, it was confirmed that authorities had identified the fan who had pointed the laser; however, it wasn't until Wednesday when the suspect's name was formally released. So, who was the alleged laser pointer? It was Dwyan Morgan, a 64-year-old Missouri resident and so-called "MASSIVE Chiefs fan." 

According to TMZ, Morgan is being cited for disturbing the peace, and faces either a $1,000 fine or a year in jail if found guilty. Insiders told the outlet that Morgan didn't intend to cause any harm and been drinking alcohol before he whipped out the laser. A source also said that the suspect is sorry for embarrassing the Chiefs nation, but will not apologize to Brady or the Patriots.

Laser pointers are banned from all NFL stadiums, as they can distract athletes or cause damage to the retina. 

"There's a lot of pride in Kansas City, and we and our fans thought, 'You don't do that here,'" a Chiefs official told ESPN about the laser incident.