On Monday, ESPN reported that the alleged rape victim of NBA superstar Kristaps Porzingis wanted the New York Knicks to help the two parties privately "mediate" a $68,000 payment before eventually taking the case to the authorities.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the 29-year-old woman first communicated with the Knicks' legal department in late October 2018. In obtained emails, the woman explained to the Knicks how she went to the player's apartment in February 2018 in hopes to get his autograph. This led to an incident she describes as an "extremely aggressive" sexual encounter after which the woman claims Porzingis agreed to co-sign a handwritten statement that promised he'd pay her $68,000.

The woman even provided a copy of the "contract" that reads: "This agreement effective February 7, 2018, acknowledges the fact that an unexpected escalated sexual intercourse due to an inevitable physical attraction on the part of Kristap (sic) occurred subsequently, warrants compensation payable towards (the woman's) siblings college tuition in the amount of $68,000... Mr. Kristap (sic) willingly offered several compensations to (the woman) including business investments. (The woman) ultimately settled with Mr. Kristap's (sic) offer of a $68,000 check."

Following this encounter, the woman states that they stayed in touch and she was interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with Porzingis. The two spent "intimate time" together and she went as far as to send the player explicit photographs of herself. However, as their communication dwindled, the woman wanted Porzingis to honor his agreement and pay her the $68,000 which she claims is for her brother's college tuition. When he refused, she looked to the New York Knicks to help settle Porzingis' alleged debts. Not only did she request the sum of money she alleged she was owed, but she also wanted the Knicks and Porzingis to reimburse her for her "favorite Jordan gray and orange slides" that she left at his house. Yet, in early November, the Knicks informed the woman that this was a personal matter and referred her to Porzingis' attorneys.

After talking to Porzingis' legal team, the two parties reached a stalemate as the athlete insisted the documents were forged. As a result, the woman decided to file a criminal complaint with the New York police. In turn, in December 2018, Porzingis' lawyers made a formal referral to federal law enforcement that reads "based on the accuser's extortionate demands. We also alerted the National Basketball Association months ago and they are aware of the ongoing investigation of the accuser by federal law enforcement."

The Knicks traded Porzingis in January 2019 to the Dallas Mavericks. New York has declined to comment on the case at hand but both the NBA and Porzingis have responded to the allegations. 

"Mr. Porzingis denies signing the alleged contract, which we believe is a forgery. When asked to produce the original contract for handwriting analysis, the complainant declined to do so," a rep for Porzingis' told ESPN. The executive director of the NBA Michele Roberts added, "We have been aware of these allegations for some time, have evaluated the accuser's claims and, based on what is presently before us, stand with Kristaps."

The New York City Police Department has yet to announce a formal investigation into the matter.

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