16 days after claiming he wouldn't give "media fakes" anymore ammo new Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is giving media fakes more ammo, this time in the form of a mini-Twitter beef and apparent threat towards ex-teammate-turned-ESPN-analyst Ryan Clark.

This is not the first time the two former Steelers had a public issue as Brown previously called Clark an "Uncle Tom" when the latter was critical of Brown during his prolonged offseason drama with Pittsburgh (which eventually led to Brown being traded to Oakland...you knew this).

On Thursday morning, Brown took umbrage to a Wednesday comment Clark had made in response to a tweet that has since been deleted (that sounds needlessly complicated, but these two tweets coming up in a moment will make it make sense). Brown took issue with the retired safety and said, perhaps unwisely, "next time we meet it's on site ain't gone spare u": 

Online tough guy antics rarely seem to intimidate and this instance was no exception:

While it appears unlikely for two guys who actually have things to lose, if there's an actual meet me in Temecula moment we'll be sure to update.

Oh, and Skip Bayless chimed in. 

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