In the pantheon of Twitter beefs, the “Meet Me in Temecula” incident is rapidly becoming the stuff of legend.

You’ll recall that a few days ago, some shade thrown Kobe Bryant’s way by @MyTweetsRealAF led to a war of epic proportions between @SnottieDrippen and he. Things progressed to the point that @MyTweetsRealAF challenged him to a fight in Temecula, Calif., even posting pictures along the way as he drove to the fight. @SnottieDrippen failed to show, and it appeared it was all over.

Or so we thought.

Now @MyTweetsRealAF has dropped a diss track onto YouTube, and you have to say it’s pretty damn good. Hopefully, this leads to what everyone wants: an honest to goodness sparring session between the two in Temecula.

[via YouTube]