Charles Barkley has never been one to hold his tongue and this lack of filter was on full display when Barkley called Kyrie Irving "the most miserable person I've ever seen."

On Wednesday, the NBA Hall of Famer turned TNT analyst called into ESPN's Get Up, where he ripped into Irving's recent disdain for the media and alleged troubles in Boston. "Kyrie Irving—I don't know him that well he seems like a good kid—but I've never seen a person so miserable," Barkley said. "To have so much success. To have the world in the palm of his hand...he's got to be one of the most miserable I've ever seen."

Barkley's comments come as Kyrie's reclusiveness has come to a head. A new report this week said Irving has "become disengaged and detached from those around the team." Additionally, Sunday's comment that the press' "scrutiny and exploitation" frustrates star players had reporters scratching their heads.

"I'm not going to miss this shit when I'm done playing," Irving said as he waded through camera flashes to enter TD Garden. 

Combined with other stars like Kevin Durant also pointing out the media's obsessive nature, Irving helped sparke a lengthy discussion that reached NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

"Part of it is a direct response to social media," Silver said while also disclosing that players have voiced their concerns to him directly. "And I think those players we're talking about—when I meet with them—what strikes me is that they are truly unhappy."

Barkley attacked this notion as well, claiming the commissioner's response is the "stupidest thing" he's heard. Instead, Charles thinks superstar players like Kyrie Irving should accept the opinions of the media as a necessary evil. 

"What does everybody say, 'Charles Barkley didn't win a championship,'" Barkley explained. "I have to accept that. I got to live with that. But, that's just how this thing works. Mark West is one of the greatest guys I've ever played with in my life, but I've never heard anybody get on TV and say, 'Man, that Mark West didn't win the championship.'"

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