Lately all the news coming out of Boston pertaining to the Celtics and Kyrie Irving has been bad, at least if you're a fan. If it's not related to rumors about him leaving the franchise then it's about some alleged internal discord. With that established, Monday's most recent disclosure from within the locker room won't shock you a whole lot, and sort of combines the two.

According to The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor, sources from within the organization say the six-time All-Star has "become disengaged and detached from those around the team." O'Connor's write-up comes after he spent a few days around the squad in Boston, and included an anecdote about a lifeless locker room he witnessed even after the Celts beat the Wizards. Sources reported to O'Connor that the mood had been like this all season.

Furthermore it was reported that Irving's demeanor seriously shifted as the trade deadline approached, and that talk amongst the team is that his friendships "start and end" with Jayson Tatum. This run of bad press very nicely illustrates the dark turn that the Celtics' season has taken. Or, as O'Connor put it:

Two sources peg Irving’s change in demeanor to early February, around the time he was asked about the possibility of joining the New York Knicks next season. That’s when Irving infamously said he’d make the best decision for his family and that he didn’t “owe anybody shit.” This induced panic among Boston fans. After all, it was a much different tune than the one Irving was singing in October 2018, when he told a gathering of Celtics season-ticket holders that he intended to re-sign with the team (multiple sources say that same commitment was expressed to his teammates).

The irony is that this will only bring more media attention.