While it is unclear where Anthony Davis will be traded, what is known is that he will play for just about anyone but New Orleans. His disdain for the organization has some within the franchise believing that the center has already played his last game as a Pelican.

Although the NBA is threatening to fine the team $100,000 if they bench him, New Orleans might let Davis take his sweet time coming back from a pesky shoulder injury. He'd possibly never returning to the court as a Pelican.

"According to sources on both sides, there is no plan yet in place for how they will handle this after the All-Star break," The Athletic's Sam Amick reports. "The Pelicans and Davis (with Paul advising) are re-evaluating the best way to handle his playing time – again."

This news comes after Davis played just five minutes during Sunday's All-Star game due to his shoulder bruise. In every scenario, it would benefit both parties if AD doesn't play any more games as it would protect his trade value. As a result, many people are waiting to see if the NBA will step in and do their own evaluation of the situation. 

"While sources say the situation has not involved the National Basketball Players Association to this point, that would change if New Orleans attempted to protect its monumental trade chip by sitting Davis for the rest of the season – presuming he wanted to play," Sam Amick writes. "Then again, maybe Davis decides that he’s better off training in obscurity while we wait to see where his next stop might be."

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