UPDATED 2:55 p.m. ET: Following the news that NFL owner Robert Kraft was a customer at a human trafficking establishment in Florida, Palm Beach State Attorney Dave Aronberg held a press conference and revealed new details about Kraft's inovlvement.

Per Aronberg, Kraft is one of 25 people named in the investigation. But because Kraft is considered a resident of Palm Beach, Florida, he will not be hit with a warrant. Instead, a summons was sent to his home for his lawyer to acknowledge. This means Kraft does not have to appear at a court hearing and if he is arrested, it will be at the discretion of the Juniper police department. Also, the owner has been officially charged with two first-degree misdemeanors which are punishable by up to a year in jail for each offense, including a mandatory fine and community service.

Depending on Kraft's criminal record, it is possible he could avoid jail time in exchange for counseling or probation. 

In the documents, Kraft is identified as "Male 13," and "Male 8," and the details of his visit are revealed. In another twist to the story, it was revealed that Kraft visited the Orchids Of Asia day spa the day of this year's AFC Championship game, when his Patriots played the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Because Kraft was in attendance, it is assumed that after his 11 AM visit to the "spa" he then boarded his plane to Kansas City where he watched Brady scorch the Chiefs in overtime to secure the Patriots' Super Bowl bid. 

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An arrest warrant for Patriots owner Robert Kraft could be served as early as today.

According to a report from ESPN's Michele Steele, a warrant for Kraft's involvement in a south Florida prostitution ring is "imminent," stating that once the charging documents are completed then the NFL owner will be served.

The news of Kraft's legal issues broke on Friday, Feb. 22, when it was reported he was a frequent customer at a massage parlor that doubled as an escort service. This came as the result of an eight-month investigation into the establishments, which allegedly produced video evidence of Kraft engaging in "graphic" sexual exchanges.

Despite the footage, it is unknown whether Kraft was just a customer at this establishment or a part of the deeper workings of the business's sex trafficking. This has led the NFL to seek "a full understanding of the facts" regarding the criminal investigation.

As of now, Kraft has been charged with two secondary misdemeanor charges which each hold a penalty of 60 days in jail. The prosecutors in Kraft's case will be holding a press conference that will go into the details surrounding the sting operation that nabbed Kraft. In addition, they will explain what the future hold for the Patriots owner. 

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