Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been named as one of the people involved in a human trafficking sting in Florida, according to TMZ.

On Friday, Jupiter, Florida police announced that Robert Kraft is wanted for two charges of soliciting someone to commit prostitution. Police chief Daniel Kerr said that Kraft is a part of an eight-month investigation into local massage parlors that double as human trafficking businesses.

Several agencies, including Homeland Security and the IRS, were involved in the sting. Authorities have concluded in their investigation that there were more than 1,500 men who frequented the establishments. Also, the workers were given "no days off" with hygiene that was "minimal at best." The women involved were allegedly told they were coming to the United States for legit employment, only to be tricked into a human trafficking ring.

Evidence against Kraft includes body camera footage that shows the NFL owner attempting to purchase sex on at least two separate occasions. Although he is not specifically named in the police reports, it is stated that Kraft is one of the 26 men that investigators have "graphic" videos detailing their encounters at these establishments. What can be seen on the tapes are the men entering the building and paying immediately. Then, they are taken to a "private massage room" where they engage in "sex acts using their hands and mouths." 

Through a spokesperson, Kraft has denied the allegations without further comment "because it is a judicial matter."

Palm Beach County state attorney's office is expected to issue an official warrant on Monday for his secondary misdemeanor charges. He could face up to 60 days in jail for each charge. 

Meek Mill tweet a series of thinking emojis after the news broke.

Throughout Meek's incarceration, Robert Kraft worked with businessman Michael Rubin and JAY-Z to help raise awareness about Meek's situation. Meek grew close enough to Kraft to even gift him a Championships chain, which Kraft wore during the Patriots' Super Bowl parade.

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