The only thing sweeter than winning a one Super Bowl ring would be winning three, which is exactly what Patriots' safety Duron Harmon did when his team topped the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday (Feb. 3). Because of this, Harmon doesn't want to ruin this monumental moment by taking the team field trip to Trump's White House. 

"Nah, man," Harmon said when TMZ Sports asked him if he'll be swinging by Pennsylvania Ave. "They don't want me in the White House, man."

Yet, Harmon doesn't take objection to all politicians. When asked if he would want to meet with former President Barack Obama, the defensive back started to sing a different tune. 

"That would be dope... Aye Obama, come holler at me, man. We love you over here, man," Harmon said.

Harmon isn't the only championship player who misses Obeezy. Before taking on the Washington Wizards, the Golden State Warriors had a private visit with Barack Obama. This meeting came after the team famously denied Trump's invitation for them to visit the White House. The team's refusal led to a now-legendary exchange between the President and LeBron James who spoke out in defense of the Steph Curry.

However, Harmon's not the most famous Patriot to take objection to President Trump. Although Tom Brady was famously pegged as a MAGA supporter, during the Presidential elections his wife Giselle Brady let it be known that she and her husband were not backing Trump.

In 2017, Brady did not celebrate his Super Bowl win by joining his teammates at the White House. The Patriots' quarterback cited "family issues" as the reason he couldn't attend. But soon after his absence, Brady labeled Trump as "divisive" for his comments about protesting players. All of this adds to the very complex relationship that New England owner Robert Kraft has with the controversial leader. And it will be interesting to see which players will follow Harmon's lead.

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