Despite signing a five-year, $125 million contract with the Oakland Raiders in 2017, quarterback Derek Carr could easily get cut by the team with little penalty if the organization decides to move in a different direction this offseason. 

Raiders head coach Jon Gruden raised speculation that the team could possibly move away from Carr this offseason when he raved about Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, despite his short stature. ESPN’s First Take co-host Max Kellerman expressed his doubt that Oakland could get anything worthwhile in exchange for Carr, given his lackluster 2018 campaign. 

Kellerman’s remarks led to Carr wondering if he could organize an “octagon fight” to settle the score with critics like Max. Kellerman reached out to UFC president Dana White to see if there was any way to turn this idea into a reality. 

Instead of getting in the Octagon, fellow First Take host Stephen A. Smith suggested that Carr stopped by the show to sit down with him 1-on-1. 

When Smith heard about the odds of a potential fight being less lopsided than he thought they would be, he wondered if Dana should get Carr another opponent.