After taking a short tolerance break, Joel Embiid proves why he is one of the NBA's OG trolls by sending some well-timed social media shots at the Minnesota Timberwolves

Following Tuesday night's (Jan. 15) 149-107 win over the Wolves, Embiid took to Twitter with a tweet that alluded to Jimmy Butler's dramatic exit from Minnesota. 

Prior to coming to the Sixers, Butler was a frustrated Timberwolf juggling a pre-season holdout and a trade request. However, when Butler finally reported to Minnesota's camp, the shooting guard had one of the most memorable practices in NBA history. In between taunting the Wolves' front office and coaching staff, Butler led a team of third-string players to a dominating scrimmage victory over Andrew Wiggins, Karl-Anthony Towns, and the team's starters.

Embiid's tweet could also be a shot at center Karl-Anthony Towns. Like many young players, KAT has been subject to Embiid's constant social media hazing. Yet, it seems that Joel has a particular affinity for taking jabs at Towns because he continues to troll KAT even after Towns called him the "king" of Instagram and Twitter. This disdain for KAT is something teammates Embiid and Butler have in common, since it is rumored that it was Towns' complacent nature that prompted Butler's intial trade request and now-infamous practice. 

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