If you’re like us, you’ve been lying awake at night trying to figure out who would win a wrestling match between Giannis Antetokounmpo and Dwayne Johnson. Now, thanks to an Instagram post from the Greek Freak, we finally have our answer. Well, sort of.

After Johnson posted an Instagram of himself doing 460-pound hip/glute thrusts, Giannis and Bucks teammate Pat Connaughton made a post of their own, in which they not only successfully mimicked Johnson’s hardcore workout routine, but challenged him to a weightlifting competition, too.


Based on a tweet from earlier this week, Johnson was clearly impressed by Giannis’ feats of strength.

The online exchange prompted reporters to ask Giannis about Johnson prior to his team’s game on Friday.

When asked if he thinks he could take Johnson in the squared circle, Giannis didn’t hesitate. “I’d kill him,” he said to the huddled press.

And while it all might seem like a bunch of bravado on Giannis’ part, one look at what he’s done this season makes us wonder if he could actually take The Rock. Thanks to his devastating ability to attack the rim and throw down against the NBA’s most imposing figures, Giannis has established himself as perhaps the most physically dominant player in the league. Oh, and he’s just 24.

The good news for Johnson is that when pushed further by reporters, Giannis admitted that he’s a big fan of the wrestler-turned-movie star, which means Johnson has likely escaped the wrath of the Greek Freak. For now.