Michael Jordan's Charlotte Hornets play the LeBron James-led Lakers today, so the GOAT conversation is inevitable. 

In an interview ahead of the game, this generation's greatest revealed what it was like to meet the almost-consensus pick for best to ever do it for the first time. James first met Jordan when he was in high school and he said it was like "meeting God."

"It was godly. I've said that over and over before, but it was like meeting God for the first time," he shared. "That's what I felt like as a 16-year-old kid when I met MJ."

James also said that he was incredibly humbled by the fact that people mention him in the same breath as 23. He said that he takes pride in making it out of Akron, OH to become a contender for the best all-time list. 

"Any time I'm even mentioned with the greats that played this game and guys before me who laid the path, laid the grounds in this work and allowed me to be in this position, it's always humbling and gratifying for my city," he said. "Just knowing where I come from, some of you guys know where I come from that's been there and some of you guys haven't, but where I come from, there's not many of us. It's very limited. It's very, very limited inspirations. Very limited resources. Very limited everything. So for me to be in this position where I'm at today, it's just a blessing."

LeBron views what he's doing as a continuation of Jordan's legacy, and he's effusive with his props for the way that Jordan reshaped the NBA. 

"MJ came in in '84 and started to do what he did, he made the game global. And obviously that '92 Barcelona run that the Dream Team had, it just solidified why he was the best athlete in the world to do as such," he said. "And then between MJ and David Stern, they turned it into what it is today, and guys like Adam Silver and myself are just trying to keep it going."

Barring injury, James will pass Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list. We wonder how he'll spin that.