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Basketball fans and people who simply enjoy drama found the center of their Venn diagram when the Golden State Warriors' Draymond Green and Kevin Durant went at it courtside in Los Angeles. If Steph Curry is to be believed, however, there's no lingering bad blood between the two players. 

Curry spoke to the Associated Press and said that there's no way the tiff could split the two players. 

"They have a lot of equity built in their relationship,” Curry said. “They’ve won championships together. They’ve brought out the best in each other. Obviously, I don’t think they’ve had an incident to this level, but you don’t have the experiences that you’ve had and go through the journey that we’ve been on and let it be derailed by something like that."

This echoes what Green had to say of the situation earlier this week. Curry added that the locker room is aware of the team's ability to go down in the history books and they aren't going to let an argument get in the way of that. 

“We have the opportunity to do something extremely special this year,” Curry said. “There’s going to be ups and downs and bumps in the road, whether it’s self-inflicted or whether it’s from outside. At the end of the day, nothing should distract us from what our goal is.”

He also said that the team has worked out the problem between Green and Curry, adding that both players have shown class.

“I think the way we’ve handled it as a team, the way Draymond’s handled it, the way KD’s handled it, it’s been nothing but professionalism,” Curry said.