Ahead of Thursday's Warriors-Rockets game, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green were spotted chatting on the way to shootaround in Houston. Yahoo's Chris Haynes snapped a pic and said they were "communicating positively." On top of that, Dray is expected to address what went down with Kevin Durant earlier this week, which revealed an unexpected fragility to the Warriors' dominating collection of talent.

The two former brothers have adjoining lockers in Houston, so if anyone thought tonight's game would feature some uncomfortable distance between the two, they might be disappointed. 

Draymond finally spoke about the incident with reporters after shootaround, and offered up this two-minute explanation about the story. He only answered basketball-related questions after this.

"I'm gonna speak on this one time and one time only," he said before continuing to speak uninterrupted for the next two minutes: 

"With what happened a few nights ago, Kevin and I spoke, we're moving forward. I think there's no secret that I am an emotional player. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, I play with that same emotion. Sometime it gets the best of me, and it doesn't work in my favor. I'm gonna live with that because it works in my favor to the good, as my resume speaks, and this team's resume speaks, more so than it doesn't.

I'm never gonna change who I am. I'm gonna approach the game as I always do. Like I said, we're gonna continue to move forward. And I've read a lot about 'is this the end of the run,' or 'did I ruin it,' or 'did I force Kevin to leave.' At the end of the day, as I've said before, whatever Kevin decides do, whatever Klay decides to do, whatever whoever decides to do, we had great years together and I support everybody wholeheartedly 100 percent. Because as a man, as a human being, you got the right to do what you want to do with your life. And so I'll never question that. But, what you must know is nobody in this organization from a player—not myself, not Kevin, not anybody else—is gonna beat us. So, if you're one of them other 29 teams, you gotta beat us. We not gonna beat us. We're gonna continue to do what we do.

I'm sorry if that ruins everybody's stories. I know everybody got a job to do. I apologize for ruining y'all's stories if I did. But if this only makes Kevin, myself, and the rest of my teammates stronger, that's what it's gonna do. So, if you think you saw something before, good luck with us now. We're not gonna crumble off of an argument, we're gonna move forward."  

He took more questions, but made sure they were only basketball related. Here's the entirety of his comments to reporters following Thursday morning's shootaround:

Dray and KD had previously been spotted chatting on their way into shootaround.

The team had a dinner on Wed. night, which some speculated has helped them heal.

Before Draymond spoke, Steve Kerr talked with reporters and joked about the conflict before saying the team had a meeting and discussed the situation before shootaround. The details are said to be "private." He also called Steph Curry a "short Tim Duncan," for his ability to bring his teammates together.