As anyone who uses Twitter regularly will tell you, Twitter is a mistake. Putting your thoughts out there for the world to see for years on end is pretty well guaranteed to make you look foolish in the future. And Le'Veon Bell is learning that the hard way now that an ironic tweet about players who sit out for a season has resurfaced. 

"If youu could sit out a year of a sport youu play and your not injured or somethin else is preventing youu to play, then youu don't love it!" he wrote back in 2013. 

For those unfamiliar, Bell has continued a holdout throughout the season. The running back is upset at the Pittsburgh Steelers' decision to use a franchise tag on him, thereby avoiding a higher-priced contract that a running back like Bell might command. Rather than risk injury in his final contracted year with the team, Bell opted to sit out. 

Internet sleuths have dug up the old tweet now that Bell has sat out the first ten weeks of the season. And they're having fun pulling out their best reaction images to clown the absentee running back. Check out a few of our favorites below: