Steve Kerr has been the head coach for the Golden State Warriors for over four years now, but it's taken until this week for the team to lose four consecutive game under his guidance. Despite these losses, it appears as if Kerr as his team aren't panicking, at least not yet.

"Our guys, they're not gonna get too discouraged," Kerr said after the game according to ESPN. "They know, especially the guys who have been in this league for a long time, they know the drill. We haven't felt this a whole lot here the last few years—maybe once or twice—but this is part of being in the league. You're banged up, you lose games. You just fight your way out of it and get healthy and you keep going, and things'll turn."

Currently sitting fifth in the Western Conference, it has been 450 games since the Warriors last lost four games in a row, making it the fourth-longest streak in NBA history. Having won the NBA championship two years in a row and three in the past four years, they're definitely in a different place right now. As Kerr says, though, there's no reason it'll spell doom for them just yet, as there's still plenty of time to turn things around, especially with Steph Curry on the mend.

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant recently clashed on the court when Durant blamed their loss on the Green's last-minute slip-up during the game, resulting in a pretty heated argument in which Green questioned Durant's loyalty to the team.that they have both since tried to distance themselves from.