The Chiefs suffered their first loss of the season at Foxborough on Sunday, losing a 43-40 barnburner to the Patriots that saw the type of offensive fireworks that's become the norm this NFL season. Chiefs wideout Tyreek Hill lived in the end zone, scoring three touchdowns on the day, which will live on in Bill Belichick's nightmares: 

His last touchdown was this 75-yard run-and-catch scamper late in the fourth to tie the game:

When he went over to Pats fans to rub it in, he got some angry bird-flipping and a beer toss in his face: 

"My coach [Andy Reid] told me, 'Don't get emotional. Don't get mad about it, because it comes with the territory,'" Hill said, according to "I'm not mad at all."

Pats fans were. The price for a draft beer at Foxboro Gillette Stadium is $7.50, and they stop selling beer 15 minutes after the second-half starts, so it was likely the fan's last...forever: 

Before you start feeling sorry for Tyreek, don't.

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